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What To Know If You Want To Travel To Mount Athos

Mount Athos in Greece is one of the spiritual destinations of this world. Many people go there hoping to find answers to their biggest life questions. If you also think such a pilgrimage would enable you to grow and become a better person, you should know that traveling to Mount Athos is easy. However, there are a few things to consider before packing your bags for this trip.

First of all, Mount Athos is both a mountain and a peninsula in northern Greece. It is the home of about 2000 monks living in the 20 monasteries on the mountain. Although part of Greece, Mount Athos is an autonomous state, its border being under strict control. Women aren’t allowed to step on this territory. Male travelers can enter only with special permission. Once they get this entrance permit, they are allowed to live there. However, visiting this place isn’t simply a matter of showing up in Thessaloniki, renting a car and driving to the Holy Mountain. You can use travel services such as pelerinaje Athos to get to the Mountain.

As a matter of fact, the road trip from Thessaloniki to Mount Athos is quite exciting. There are stunning landscapes, friendly locals and good food everywhere along the road. You should definitely consider taking this trip, if you ever visit this part of Greece. However, you need to be aware that the road ends shortly after Ouranopolis, so you won’t be able to pass the control point unless you have a special permit to enter Mount Athos. Even so, you might want to take your time and enjoy the beautiful Ouranopolis for a couple of days. Life here is amazing in its simplicity. You can travel here to meditate and pray, without having to get a permit to go further on the mountain. If you really want to see those monasteries, you can take a boat tour around the mountain. There are lots of local travel agents offering this type of tour to tourists. It would be a good idea to get some good binoculars, as the boat doesn’t get too close to the shore, so you won’t be able to see the buildings very well. Also, a camera with a nice power zoom would enable you to capture stunning pictures of the mountain. If you are lucky, you might see some dolphins swimming nearby your ship. This is one of the few occasions to admire their jumps and their elegance from close.

If you are a male and you’re keen on visiting the mountain with a permit, you should know that you can stay for free at each monastery for one day. In some situations, you may be granted permission to sleep for three or four nights on Mount Athos. However, you should go to the dedicated bureau in Thessaloniki to apply for this type of permit. This isn’t too bad, as Thessaloniki is another great city to visit. You can spend your time visiting the center of the town and the neighboring villages. They are all charming and their beaches are nothing short of amazing. This can be an experience to remember for a lifetime.

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