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What To Know If You Want To Travel To Mount Athos

Published on February 15th, 2017 | by GGF

Mount Athos in Greece is one of the spiritual destinations of this world. Many people go there hoping to find answers to their biggest life questions. If you also think such a pilgrimage would enable you to grow and become a better person, you should know that traveling to Mount Athos is easy. However, there are a few things to consider before packing your bags for this trip.

First of all, Mount Athos is both a mountain and a peninsula in northern Greece. It is the home of about 2000 monks living in the 20 monasteries on the mountain. Although part of Greece, Mount Athos is an autonomous state, its border being under strict control. Women aren’t allowed to step on this territory. Male travelers can enter only with special permission. Once they get this entrance permit, they are allowed to live there. However, visiting this place isn’t simply a matter of showing up in Thessaloniki, renting a car and driving to the Holy Mountain. You can use travel services such as pelerinaje Athos to get to the Mountain.

As a matter of fact, the road trip from Thessaloniki to Mount Athos is quite exciting. There are stunning landscapes, friendly locals and good food everywhere along the road. You should definitely consider taking this trip, if you ever visit this part of Greece. However, you need to be aware that the road ends shortly after Ouranopolis, so you won’t be able to pass the control point unless you have a special permit to enter Mount Athos. Even so, you might want to take your time and enjoy the beautiful Ouranopolis for a couple of days. Life here is amazing in its simplicity. You can travel here to meditate and pray, without having to get a permit to go further on the mountain. If you really want to see those monasteries, you can take a boat tour around the mountain. There are lots of local travel agents offering this type of tour to tourists. It would be a good idea to get some good binoculars, as the boat doesn’t get too close to the shore, so you won’t be able to see the buildings very well. Also, a camera with a nice power zoom would enable you to capture stunning pictures of the mountain. If you are lucky, you might see some dolphins swimming nearby your ship. This is one of the few occasions to admire their jumps and their elegance from close.

If you are a male and you’re keen on visiting the mountain with a permit, you should know that you can stay for free at each monastery for one day. In some situations, you may be granted permission to sleep for three or four nights on Mount Athos. However, you should go to the dedicated bureau in Thessaloniki to apply for this type of permit. This isn’t too bad, as Thessaloniki is another great city to visit. You can spend your time visiting the center of the town and the neighboring villages. They are all charming and their beaches are nothing short of amazing. This can be an experience to remember for a lifetime.

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Aligning to the Latest Fad: Get A Clear Vinyl Patio Enclosure

Published on February 18th, 2016 | by GGF

Five Reasons I Found To Get A Clear Vinyl  Enclosure for Our Patio

Do you feel that you are not getting the most out of your patio or outside space? If the weather or other factors are keeping you from enjoying your patio, a clear vinyl enclosure could be an excellent option for you.

Vinyl is a very affordable material, which makes vinyl patio enclosures one of the most inexpensive ways of improving your outside space. There is no need to save up for some expensive home improvement project and you can easily find a wide range of different designs and sizes within a reasonable budget.

Besides being very inexpensive, these enclosures are easy to install. You should be able to install your enclosure yourself as long as you have a friend to help you. There is no need to wait until you can use your enclosure and no need to pay a professional to install it. The other advantage is that you can easily take the enclosure down if you decide you don’t need it, for instance during the summer months. I’ve been checking on marchize copertine parasolare bacau for how it’s done.

These enclosures will provide you with shelter from wind, rain, snow, cold temperatures and bugs. If you feel that you are not spending much time on your patio or porch due to bugs, humidity or cold temperatures, a vinyl enclosure is all you need to start enjoying this space again. There is no need to invest in an expensive home improvement solution since vinyl is a very efficient material when it comes to insulating you from humidity or cold temperatures.

Opting for a clear vinyl enclosure means you will still be able to get plenty of sunlight. This is especially important during the winter since not getting enough sunlight can be difficult during the cold months.

You will be able to rely more on natural light, for instance by setting up a small work space within the enclosure or by installing a table so that you can eat breakfast or dinner there. You will also be able to easily see what is going on outside thanks to the clear vinyl.

A clear vinyl enclosure is a very interesting option because the possibilities are endless. You can easily install this enclosure on your patio or porch and create your own living space. You can turn this space into a small office, a second living room where you can share meals with your family or simply use this enclosure to relax with a good book and enjoy the sunlight. Being able to instantly add more living space is definitely an advantage and you will appreciate being able to spend so much time outside even when it rains or when temperatures drop.

Getting a clear vinyl enclosure will help you get more use out of your patio or porch. These enclosures are affordable, easy to install and take down and will instantly provide you with some additional space you can use. This is definitely an option you should consider if you currently do not use your patio because of the temperature or bugs.

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Missed Manners

Published on February 8th, 2016 | by GGF

It’s time to file for graduation and you’re double checking your classes. English 101? Took it. Science for Business Majors? Got an A+. Business Etiquette and Protocol? What? While it’s not yet a required course at most colleges, many experts think that it should be. More importantly, taking an etiquette course might be even more important than some of the technical courses required for your major.

So what is a business etiquette course? A class where students learn to hold their pinkies in the air while they sip tea? Do students learn poise and grace by balancing their book on their head? Maybe they just study re-runs of Martha Stewart and practice looking down their noses at other people.

Actually, today’s business etiquette courses, being offered at schools nationwide, focus mainly on creating positive first impressions, dressing for success, business netiquette and basic etiquette. These lessons are not a part of the average college student’s curriculum, but they are very important after graduation. Many of the students here at Fullerton College taking Business Protocol and Ethics feel that mastering these skills will give them an edge when breaking into the job market as well as helping them accelerate their careers.

Evidence points to the advantages of having professional etiquette training. According to Fullerton College etiquette instructor Jackie Sanborn, “85% of success in business is personal skills; only 15% is technical skills”. Fullerton College Workforce Center Coordinator Chrystal Van Beynen agrees that employers seek out candidates with “soft skills” because the technical aspects of the specific job will often have to be taught; regardless of prior field experience. First and foremost, employers want to hire individuals who they think will best fit in and represent the company and its image. That may mean hiring someone who may be less qualified in terms of education and experience but who projects a positive, professional image.

So, this means we should all drop out of college and work on our people skills right? Quit the internship and extracurricular activities to learn to dine Continental style? Slow down, not yet! Hate to disappoint you but you still need to finish school.First impressions count

A woman ran into a group of students in downtown Fullerton or rather ran over and shoved herself past a group of students. They were shocked by the way she rolled over their toes with her bag to help herself to the refreshments that the students had provided for a private event. Too surprised to speak, the students listened horrified as what can only be described as verbal diarrhea spilled from her mouth. She gave a speech about what a horrible day she had had; why her rude party-crashing behavior was justified. She never quite apologized, but she did announce in a self-important tone that the reason she was so frantic was because she was a very busy teacher at Fullerton College and went on to mention the department she worked in. In that split 30 seconds, she managed to damage the reputation of her entire department by leaps and bounds. Her monologue also had the potential to taint her audience’s opinions about the other 1,123 employees at FC. And don’t forget about FC students, because she potentially made the nearly 20,000 students here look bad, when she identified herself as an instructor. Like the old woman who swallowed the fly, the consequences of poor etiquette skills and lack of professionalism can multiply out of control.

Sanborn notes that when you work for an organization, you are a representative of that organization. You are liable for your words and actions if you choose to identify yourself as a member of that organization when you are outside the workplace. As mentioned earlier, employers generally want to hire people who are professional and demonstrate proper manners both inside and outside of the office.

College students should start practicing professional etiquette early on. “I see students coming in here searching for jobs-talking on cell phones, using bad language-and acting rudely,” stated Crystal Velazquez, the Workforce Center Assistant, “It makes you wonder how they would behave on a job interview!”

Some simple ways to create a positive first impression include using good manners, having a non-threatening appearance, a good sense of humor, smiling, using good eye contact and showing respect for others.

Dressing for Success

You can’t talk about presentation and first impressions without mentioning physical appearance, so get ready to be judge by your cover. Like it or not, human beings make judgments about each other based on appearance all the time; it’s just in our nature. What does your grooming and wardrobe say about you?

In a survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 92% of employers surveyed said that a job candidate’s appearance influenced their opinion of the individual. Professional image consultant Diana Jennings works with individuals and corporations wishing to evaluate and re-vamp their appearances. She says that many individuals confuse the workplace with a place to express their personal style. Unfortunately, unless you work in a creative field, your personal sense of style is completely irrelevant.

A survey conducted by the Fullerton College Workforce Center showed that many companies had dress codes and policies about tattoos, piercing and wild hair colors. In addition, personal expression through dress and hairstyle was discouraged by 78% of the employers questioned. Employers also rated the following items as being unacceptable on job interviews: midriff showing, T-shirts, tight or revealing clothing, miniskirts, hats, baggy clothing, low rise pants, jeans, sandals or platform shoes and wrinkled clothing.

Appropriate Attire specifics will depend on the type of work environment and dress code. When in doubt, it’s always ok to contact the company to find out what type of attire is appropriate for the interview. Overall, it’s best to remember that a clean, neat, and conservative appearance will always do well.

What is business netiquette?

Internet etiquette, also known as netiquette awareness is increasing. Not only do you have to be business savvy in person and on the phone but you should also check your understanding of netiquette. Sanborn reminds students not to use the office computer for personal matters because some employers may monitor your computer activities and email. Remember emails don’t just go away when you delete them, they can be retrieved and tracked. She also mentions that is important to use Bcc when sending bulk emails so business contact’s email addresses are not distributed to everyone receiving the email.

In an article for titled “Five Ways to say, ‘I’m unprofessional,” Peter Vogt discusses silly email addresses. Sure, all your friends think that is hilarious, but will business associates? Think twice before sending out your resume from an email address like this one. The same goes for silly fonts and icons.

Email messages should be free from slang and “CU@8”- type abbreviations. An email in the professional world is not a chat room; it is a brief memo with proper spelling, punctuation and signature. You wouldn’t write a business letter and sign it with a punctuation smiley face would you?

Basic etiquette defined

In her Business Protocol and Ethics course, Sanborn defines etiquette as a courtesy we extend to help other people. Like a good party host, someone with professional etiquette skills will try to make others feel comfortable and at east at all times. They handle situations with grace and politeness. They would never give more information then was appropriate. They also would never point out that you have poor manners. You see, one of the worst things about having poor manners is that no one will tell you (it would be improper etiquette to point out improper etiquette). You wont be told that the reason you didn’t get the job was because you sat with your knees apart (and you were wearing a skirt). You’ll only be told that you didn’t get the job.

In the real world (after graduation) manners do matter. College students should view etiquette training as an addition to required courses that will make their degree more valuable in the real world.

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